The Olive Club

The Olive Club – Your Membership Makes a Difference

Imagine if we ALL gave just a little to charity each month… what an impact we could make, TOGETHER!


What Is The Olive Club?!?!

C2C encourages networking and being social while supporting our community! The Olive Club consists of donors that would like to do MORE than just send a check!  

 Making a donation to THE OLIVE CLUB benefits our featured charity of the year… AND OFFERS JUST A BIT MORE. 🙂 

  • Your annual membership fee will directly benefit the featured charity.
  • You’ll become part of the C2C Family
  • You will be invited to networking and social gatherings… and receive discounts to some events!  
  • All designed to raise funding for the annual charity of choice! 

How You Can Help!

See the levels of giving below!

Choose what works for you and click the button to join The Olive Club!

Giving Levels And The Impact You’ll Make


$10/month for a year provides daytime shelter for a guest for 8 days at the Warming Center.  There they are provided a drink, snack, sometimes lunch, can get a haircut, find clothing or shoes, and advisement to help succeed out of homelessness.  The guests can also receive a ride to the overnight shelter.

Lemon Drop

$20/month for a year provides 4 days of shelter at the Overnight Shelter.  Guests are served hot, nutritious meals, hardy breakfasts, and enjoy fellowship.  Sometimes play games, take showers, receive haircuts, clothing or shoes… as well as help with items to succeed out of homelessness.  

French 75

$40/month for a year will provide 12 days of shelter around the clock (24 hours) to a homeless individual 

Aviation Level

Any larger monthly contribution or one-time donation will directly impact our homeless population, may even save a life of someone on the street.  

  • $300 shelters guests 24 hours a day for 7 days
  • $2000 will shelter a guest for an entire season at the daytime Warming Center 
  • $4,200 shelters a guest for an entire season at the Overnight Shelter 
  • $6,300 shelters a guest 24 hours a day for an entire season