About Cheers to Charity

Community Awareness

Follow the C2C Facebook page  to stay up to date on community nonprofit needs.  If you have a need, contact us so we can spread the word!


Need volunteers?  Our Board of Directors and primary committee consists of a dozen eager volunteers.  From serving the homeless to digging daylilies, you can count on Cheers to Charity!


Happy hours, live music events, garden events, wine/beer tastings… C2C is up for anything to help you raise money!  Join the list of local charities benefiting from the C2C event fundraising experience!

When was C2C Formed?

Cheers to Charity was formed during the pandemic in 2020 by a group of friends that had been fundraising and volunteering for other nonprofits for over 10 years.  While we all loved volunteering, we knew there was more need in this community and additional organizations that really needed support so we decided to venture out on our own, obtain 501c3 status, and begin supporting charities that needed fundraising help. 

Why “Cheers to Charity”?

For years, we met monthly to strategize and plan events.  To encourage participation and attendance,  wine and cheese/appetizers were served at the meeting. It’s a tad unconventional, but attendance stayed STRONG!  When names were tossed around for our own nonprofit… we decided to stick with something we’d been saying for YEARS “Cheers! To Charity”. 


With the ability to choose our own beneficiary each year, we kicked off our initial fundraising campaign in 2021 for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. There was still so much unemployment, isolation and suffering with food shortages during the pandemic we knew this was necessary and by year’s end, presented BRAFB with a check for $30,000

In year two, we took suggestions from board members and voted.  Froggy’s Closet was chosen as the 2022 beneficiary and by year’s end a $40,000 check was presented to their board of directors.

Late in 2022, a new system was implemented to apply for the funding. An online application was posted, and 12 applications received.  The board voted on the top few and interviewed them via zoom. 

The chosen charity for 2023 was WATTS – Winchester Area Temporary Transitional Shelter.  Adding a golf tournament to its many fundraising efforts, C2C was able to up the ante and raise $50,000 for WATTS. 

Board of Directors

Jeanne Mezzatesta – President
Liz Costello – Treasurer
Sarah Printz – Secretary

Shawn Armstrong
Jen Creany
Katie Pifer
Kim Rhodes
Kami Tenney
Billy Whirley
Lisa Whirley
Noel Wright